An apartment /30 sq.m/ without the door between living part of the room and bedroom.
A bedroom with bedside tables and lamps, dressing table and big mirror, phone, integrated mini-bar.

There are sofas extension type with coffee table, TV with cable television, air-conditioner.
Bathrooms with a shower cabins and hair dryer

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Double rooms

All rooms and apartments were developed by a German engineer and have different furnishings and modernistic bathroom designs of the open type.

Double rooms: big rooms of 18 to 25.sq.m: a king bed or two beds with bedside tables and lamps.

  • Soft extension furniture with a coffee table, TV with cable television, air-conditioner, dressing table and integrated mini-bar, phone, wardrobe and suitcase stand.
  • Bathrooms are fitted with shower cabins, big mirrors and hair dryer.
  • Terraces – with plastic furniture.
m_uzunovDouble rooms
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Two bedroom apartment: area  of  60 to  80 sq.m with two separate bedrooms with standard furnishings  and a living room.

In the living rooms there are soft extension pieces of  furniture, mini-bar, TV with cable television, air-conditioner, and phone.
Two separate  bathrooms with WC’s, shower cabins.
Terraces – with plastic furniture.

One bedroom apartment: area  of  40  to  60  sq.m comprised of two separate rooms, a living room and a  bedroom.
In the bedroom there are a soft king bed, a dressing table with a  mirror, bedside tables with lamps, a wardrobe.
In the living room there is sift  extension type of furniture with a coffee table,  TV  with  cable  television,  phone, min-bar, and air-conditioner.
A spacious modernistic bathroom with WC, shower cabin.
Terraces – with plastic furniture.

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